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Better together. Stronger than ever.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi - in which broken pottery is mended and enhanced with gold powder, we chose the words above as the continued theme of our Reconciliation Summit because we know that there can be beauty in our brokenness and that there is always hope for a reconciliation that brings us back together, stronger than ever. 

To help you along your path, we've gathered world-class experts from a variety of fields including psychology, law, and technology to share their best insights and recommendations through a collection of interviews.

We hope you will sign up to join us for this three day virtual event scheduled for June 14 - 16, 2024. There's no cost to attend, as we want to make this accessible to any grandparent facing this difficult journey right now.

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"The summit was a roundup of excellent speakers representing all aspects of grandparent alienation communicated in a compassionate and encouraging, but realistic way. I was sobered by the enormity of the problem world wide, and by the challenges involved. There is no easy path, and no guarantees. But the courage and dedication of the speakers still gave me hope and a feeling of far less isolation. I was very grateful for the advice and empathetic help." ~ 2023 Attendee

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Meet this year's speakers

We're grateful to bring you this roster of world-class thought leaders and grandparent advocates. Be sure to register to receive announcements of any additions or changes!

Rachel Haack | MA, MFTI

"When Grandparents Get Canceled (And What to Do About It)"

Dr. Sue Cornbluth

"The Power of Compassion in Conflict"

Richard S. Victor

"What Every Grandparent Should Know About Grandparents Rights"

Randi Fine

"Tips for Navigating Narcissistic Parents of Grandchildren"

Elaine Cobb

"Families Divided: Key Lessons and Insights Learned"

Aaron Larsen

"Transform Pain into Purpose: The Creative Path Towards Reconciliation"

Amanda Anonymous

"The State of Grandparent Alienation"


"Grandparent Alienation Awareness Day"

Session Release Schedule

These sessions are pre-recorded and will be released on certain days according to the schedule below. Each day's interviews will be made accessible at 6am Pacific / 9am Eastern that day. After that, you can watch them on demand, at your convenience until the end of Reconciliation Summit on Sunday, June17. 

Friday, June 14

- Welcome & Grandparent Alienation Awareness Day (featuring GRAND-USA)

- What Every Grandparent Should Know About Grandparents Rights | Richard S. Victor

Saturday, June 15

- The Power of Compassion in Conflict | Dr. Sue Cornbluth

- Transform Pain into Purpose: The Creative Path Towards Reconciliation | Aaron Larsen

- When Grandparents Get Canceled (And What to Do About It) | Rachel Haack

Sunday, June 16

- The State of Grandparent Alienation | Amanda (AGA)

- Tips for Navigating Narcissistic Parents of Grandchildren | Randi Fine

- Families Divided: Key Lessons and Insights Learned | Elaine Cobb

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