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World-class experts helping estranged & alienated grandparents on their journey towards reconciliation.

Reconciliation Summit in 2024 was a big success as evidenced by numerous email received remarking how helpful it was. Thank you to all who participated, including our guest experts.

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Rachel Haack

"When Grandparents Get Canceled (And What to Do About It"

Dr. Sue Cornbluth

"The Power of Compassion in Conflic"

Richard S. Victor

"What Every Grandparent Should Know About Grandparents Rights"

Randi Fine

"Tips for Navigating Narcissistic Parents of Grandchildren"

Elaine Cobb

"Families Divided: Key Lessons and Insights Learned"

Aaron Larsen

"Transform Pain into Purpose: The Creative Path Towards Reconciliation"

Amanda Anonymous

"The State of Grandparent Alienation"


"Grandparent Alienation Awareness Day"