Online Reconciliation Strategies for Alienated Grandparents

Includes value-packed training videos & downloadable resources.


The internet is often referred to as “The Great Equalizer”, in that it affords anyone the opportunity to access and share information. For alienated grandparents it can be a critical tool and catalyst for reconciliation. This masterclass provides tips and strategies for tactfully positioning and developing disconnected relationships, without crossing the line. It helps alienated grandparents be visible, known and  effectively prepare for reconciliation as well has creatively cope with grief -- turning pain into purpose.

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What Students Are Saying:

I’m so glad that I took this class! I was feeling completely powerless and had no hope of getting back in contact with my grandchildren. This class helped me gain the know-how and skills so that my grandchildren are more likely to find me online & get in touch. Aaron made it easy to understand. He was also great at motivation. I am excited to reach out and be creative online, so that my granddaughters know they have never been forgotten! Sign up! You’ll be glad you did!

~ Elizabeth

This class totally transformed how I perceived myself in the estrangement experience. I went from feeling powerless and victimized, to identifying where I do have control in my life, and use this power and control in creative ways. I was able to embrace memories, and the grief I am feeling. I felt supported and virtually cared about by Aaron.

~ Megan

I felt this class was useful to me in learning ways to be humble and caring about my child’s life so as to nurture a positive and caring influence on my grandchild to live and to thrive.

~ Karen

$147.00 USD