Grandparenting from a Distance | Self-paced

Five value-packed modules with video trainings and workbooks immediately available for you to learn from and implement at your own pace. No scheduled class calls.

The majority of grandparents have at least one grandchild living in another town. Though you may not be able to be physically present with them as much as you’d like, you CAN still grow fun and meaningful relationships with them by intentionally engaging with them from a distance. This masterclass, featuring guest instructor Kerry Byrne, Ph.D., will equip you with research backed insights and proven strategies for effectively bridge the gap and overcome distance related challenges Long Distance Grandparents face.

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What Students Are Saying:

If you are a long distance grandparent, I promise this masterclass will give you some fun ways to engage with your grandchildren of any age! It is all about making connections with those beautiful children in ways that are high tech (zoom calls) or low tech (snail mail). You will have a treasure trove of silly games, goofy props, plus your own stories of what their parent did at that age! Aaron and Kerry will open your eyes to a world of possibilities for building lasting relationships with your grandchildren!

~ Linda

Kerry has given us a plethora of ideas for staying in touch from a distance - things I never would have thought of on my own. I now feel much more hopeful as a distance grandparent that I can maintain a close relationship with my grandchildren! Bravo, Kerry!

~ Clare

This class gave me the resources to be a more intentional grandparent. It has improved my relationship with the grandchildren and also with their parents. The materials are very helpful. This class has given me a push to be proactive in my grandparenting.

~ Debra

$67.00 USD