Nurturing Adolescent Grandchildren Masterclass

Weekly Training Videos (Self-paced)

Adolescence is a critical period of time for grandchildren. It’s a time of monumental change, uncertainty, and often life altering decisions. Intentional grandparents who are present and know how to be supportive in their grandchildren’s development can play a big role in their adoption of important values, which ultimately influences the trajectory of their lives. This masterclass delivers helpful insights and strategies for connecting and guiding grandchildren from their teenage years into adulthood. 

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Module 1 - Getting Started  - Understand what will be presented and receive tips for how to get the most out of the series.

Module 2 - Today’s Adolescents & Your Opportunity - Get up to date on the latest research on adolescents including important generational challenges and opportunities. In this module you'll gain valuable perspective to better understand and connect with today's adolescents, and also where intentional grandparents can truly make a meaningful impact. 

Module 3 - Rules (and Tools) of Engagement - Your approach and how you communicate with today's adolescents is important. Learn what topics, phrases, and technology to use and avoid as you engage.

Module 4 - Nurturing Relationships From Any Distance - Strategies, tools and tips for nurturing strong bonds in-person (including "device-free") and from a distance.

Module 5 - Overcoming Challenges - How to be there for adolescent grandchildren, cultivate resilience, and help them overcome the often complex and significant challenges they face.

Module 6 - Growing a Legacy That Helps Them Thrive - An introduction to a unique framework that grandparents can use to effectively cultivate and grow important values in the lives of grandchildren.

Module 7 - Wrap Up - A recap and review of the masterclass series.

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Nurturing Adolescent Grandchildren Masterclass