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Grow meaningful relationships and rich legacies with your grandchildren.

We believe that grandparents (and their families) deserve more than just one day of recognition each year.

So, we've decided to extend it!

We'd like to invite your to Grandparents Week - a full week celebrating and equipping grandparents with insights shared from world-class experts and thought leaders on becoming an influential and cherished grandparent.

Scheduled to last from Sunday, September 11 (National Grandparents Day) until Saturday, September 17, 2022.

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General admission is free. You'll have access to the presentations for the duration of Grandparents Week.*

*General Admission does not include access to Bonus Interviews or Session Notes. VIP - All Access Passes can be purchased at a later date.

Meet the speakers

We're thrilled to bring you insightful interviews with this amazing roster of world-class thought leaders and grandparent advocates. We'll release the recordings throughout Grandparents Week. Check out what we have lined up for you below...

Dr. Cynthia Barnett

"Nurturing a Love for Science with Grandchildren"

Richard & Linda Eyre

"Grandparenting 101: What to Know From the Start"

Jim Marggraff

"Cultivating Problem Solving Skills with Grandchildren"

Donne Davis

"How to L.O.V.E. Your Grandchild's Parents"

Dr. Catherine Pearlman

"Teaching Your Grandkids Digital Device Safety"

Greg Payne

"Tips for Becoming a Fully Engaged Grandfather"

Larry Fowler

"Creating a Spiritual Legacy with Your Grandchildren"

Dr. Kerry Byrne

"Nurturing Strong & Meaningful Relationships from a Distance"

Lisa Jendza

"A Fork in the Road: Cooking Healthy with Grandkids"

Amanda Anonymous

"Tips for Overcoming Grandparent Alienation"

Cathi Nelson

"How to Create a Photo Legacy"

Aaron Larsen

"The ABC's of Legacy Gardening"

Grandparents Week Agenda

(Interviews accessible starting at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT each day)

Sunday, September 11

Honoring Grandparents & Celebrating Grandparents Day! 

Monday, September 12 

Grandparenting 101: What to Know from the Start – Richard and Linda Eyre

How to be an Engaged Grandfather – Greg Payne

Tuesday, September 13 

A Fork in the Road: Cooking Healthy with Grandkids – Lisa Jendza

How to Create a Photo Legacy – Cathi Nelson

Wednesday, September 14 

Cultivating Problem Solving Skills with Grandchildren – Jim Marggraff

Nurturing a Love for Science with Grandchildren – Dr. Cynthia Barnett

Thursday, September 15 

Teaching Grandkids Digital Device Safety – Dr. Catherine Pearlman

Nurturing Strong and Meaningful Relationships from a Distance – Dr. Kerry Byrne

Friday, September 16 

How to L.O.V.E. Your Grandchild’s Parents – Donne Davis

Tips for Overcoming Grandparent Alienation – Amanda (AGA)

Saturday, September 17 

Cultivating a Spiritual Legacy with your Grandchildren – Larry Fowler

The ABC’s of Digital Legacy Gardening – Aaron Larsen