Creating Memory Journals for Estranged Grandchildren Masterclass

Guided Workshop with Peer Group Support | Estranged or Alienated Grandparents Only

This guided, peer supported masterclass experience offers a beacon of hope and a tangible step forward for alienated and estranged grandparents. This unique workshop is designed to guide you through creating a heartfelt keepsake memory journal that will one day bridge the gap between you and your estranged grandchildren, demonstrating your unwavering love, sharing your legacy, and facilitating reconnection. 

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Benefits of Signing Up

  • Demonstrate Your Unwavering Love for Your Grandchildren:¬†When the day comes when you are reunited, you will have a unique, heartfelt treasure that shows your grandchildren you never gave up on them, and that they have always been in your heart and on your mind.¬†It will also help them reconnect with you and¬†accelerate your bonding.
  • Turn Pain into Purpose:¬†This experience itself can be a creative way to cope with the pain of estrangement and alienation.¬†
  • Be Supported by a Community of Peers:¬†Going solo can be extremely difficult. By joining, you'll be linking arms with a community of estranged and alienated grandparents who know what you're going through and will encourage and motivate you to keep going.¬†
  • Overcome Emotional Roadblocks:¬†It can be difficult to get past the tears sometimes when attempting to create a journal like this. This masterclass provides techniques to help you overcome emotional roadblocks to create something beautiful and heartfelt.
  • Grow a Legacy of Love:¬† With guided topics and prompts, you'll create a timeless treasure filled with your stories, wisdom, and affection, ensuring your legacy is felt and known, as shared from your own words and handwriting.
  • Express the Inexpressible:¬†Say goodbye to "Writer's Block". Learn to articulate your deepest feelings and memories, crafting messages that speak directly to the hearts of your grandchildren.
  • Embrace Creativity: Personalize your journal with photos, drawings, and mementos, making each page a testament to your unique bond.
  • Effectively Navigate Reconnection & Delivery:¬†Prepare for the moment of reconnection with confidence, equipped with strategies to approach your grandchildren to deliver their journals sensitively and effectively. Also, you'll receive guidance on how to help ensure your grandchildren receive this treasure you've created.

What's Included?

Online Video Training Sessions: Receive access to four video trainings providing guidance on journaling, storytelling, and family reconnection to watch at your convenience.

Resource Downloads: Get exclusive access to hundreds of journaling prompts, storytelling guides, and creative ideas to enrich your memory journal.

Community Connection: Join a community of like-minded grandparents on similar journeys, offering mutual support and understanding. Hosted in a private, class student only Facebook group.

Masterclass Overview

Module 1: Getting Started with Memory Journaling

Kickstart your journey by understanding the power of a memory journal on your journey towards reconciliation. Select the perfect journal and learn strategies for adopting the right mindset to help you stay motivated and keep moving forward.

Module  2: What and How to Write

Dive into storytelling techniques to share engaging and heartfelt narratives. Learn how to intertwine personal anecdotes with timeless wisdom, treasured family stories, and priceless values that you wish to cultivate in the lives of your grandchildren. 

Module 3: Making it Extra Special

Add a personal touch with photographs, drawings, and keepsakes. Explore creative embellishments to bring your stories to life visually.

Module 4: Planning for Reconnection and Presentation

Prepare for the emotional moment of presenting your journal. Develop a thoughtful plan that honors the complexities of family dynamics. You'll also receive guidance on storage and safekeeping to help ensure your grandchildren receive and benefit from its contents.

Creating Memory Journals for Estranged Grandchildren

When: Available for Instant Access
Duration: Self-paced
Where: Online
Price: $47