Download Your Free Grandparents Day Celebration Pack for Busy (Yet Grateful) Parents

As a busy (yet grateful) parent myself, some days are a blur. I get it. Unfortunately, there is one special day for a group of wonderful people in our lives that tends to get forgotten -- Grandparents Day. This year, that day falls on Sunday, September 10th. 

Last year, 87% of grandparents were not recognized by their families on Grandparents Day. Yikes!

Grandparents play such an important role in our lives and the lives of our children. They deserve to be recognized on Grandparents Day, don't you think?

It may feel like "one more thing" added to our plates, or sometimes, it just flies under the radar. Especially considering it lands around what many parents experience as the busiest time of year -- BACK TO SCHOOL!

That's why I created this Celebration Pack for you. It includes:

  • Quick facts about Grandparents Day
  • The 5 most requested Grandparents Day gifts by grandparents
  • 200+ budget friendly ways to celebrate (100 in person, and 100 from afar)
  • Two free Handprint Art templates that you can print off, add hand or foot prints and send to grandparents.

Please download, enjoy, and drop me a line at [email protected] to let me know what you think! Enter your information below¬†and I'll send it right away.