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Grandparent alienation and estrangement is unfortunately on the rise in our society. Often the result of a disagreement, divorce, death, or disease (including mental illness), grandparents are being cutoff from their grandchildren, and cancelled by their own family. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself.

Since 2016, has been serving alienated and estranged grandparents on a path towards reconciliation. We've teamed up with world-leading experts including therapists, mental health counselors, attorneys, conflict coaches, etc. to develop several resources available to help. Please see what we have available below. And if you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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Each year we host a free virtual summit to bring you leading thought leaders and professionals that can help you on your reconciliation journey. This next event is scheduled for June 2024. 

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Reconciliation Masterclasses

Here are the online courses we currently offer related to grandparent alienation and estrangement:

Creating Memory Journals for Estranged Grandchildren

An expert guided journaling workshop with peer group support for creating handwritten memory journals to bridge the gap with your estranged grandchildren. Reconnect with love, share your legacy, and accelerate bonding when you are one day reconnected. This masterclass experience is available for alienated or estranged grandparents only.

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Grandparents Rights 101 for Alienated Grandparents Masterclass

Before you pursue the often costly and intrusive legal route, consider signing up for this masterclass, which provides essential information for alienated grandparents considering the path of litigation for gaining visitation or custodial rights of their grandchildren. This class is currently scheduled for Spring 2024. Click below to learn more.

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Online Reconciliation Strategies for Alienated Grandparents

Tips and strategies for tactfully positioning and developing disconnected relationships, without crossing the line. Helps alienated and estranged grandparents leverage the internet to gain visibility, be known and effectively prepare for reconciliation as well as creatively cope with grief -- turning pain into purpose. Self-paced online and available now.

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Online Support Groups

We host free online support groups for alienated and estranged grandparents to gather and support each other. These groups are private, and strictly moderated to maintain a safe environment for you to be vulnerable. Only grandparents are allowed.

Grandparents Rights & Support Private Facebook Group

Click below to request to join this safe and private group on Facebook. All requests to join are heavily screened so be sure to answer all of the questions from the administrator in order to be allowed in. Grandparents only.

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Alienated Grandparents Connect Private Online Group

Private online group for alienated and estranged grandparents hosted on This is a great option for those who don't want to join a group like this on Facebook. Grandparents only.

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Personalized Memory Journal for Estranged Grandchildren

A heartfelt way to capture the memories, lessons and stories you have to one day share with your estranged grandchildren. This journal is custom made upon order, allowing you to add your grandchild's name to the cover and make it extra special.